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Agile Entrepreneurs do it by Osmosis

Entrepreneurs learn best by Osmosis We need role models we can emulate. Entrepreneurs we can relate to - in Scale , Time , and Context . Scale We need people who have succeeded at what we're attempting, but not to such an extent that there's a daunting chasm between us. It's easier to see how we can emulate the success of a peer than that of Steve Jobs. Time The success has to be recent for it to be relevant. - because everything changes: technology, market, consumers, investors, the economy. Many of my advisors who were successful entrepreneurs over a decade ago are now relearning these lessons themselves, - the hard way, while pursuing their next startups. Context If the success is derived from a context foreign to us, it's hard to see how we can emulate that. Factors contributing to success are often either downplayed or exaggerated, for effect. You need to know the story behind the story. Don't get me wrong- I'm sure some of yo